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Monthly Archives: December 2013


“There are things in night,
that are better not to behold…..”

Ballroom Of Mars

I dunno. I must be one of those people who looks at certain things in a very paranoid fashion or something. Let me explain.

I was watching the old made-for-tv movie, “The Night That Panicked America”. It was made in 1975 and had a lackluster cast. It wasn’t very well acted and it wasn’t really engaging. It did, however, convey a certain element of where America finds itself today.

This event that occurred in the thirties marked the genesis of the “controlled mass-hysteria” movement. The powers that be always learn from history and they inevitably find a way to use it for their own gain.

1938. Orson Welles. War of the Worlds broadcast out of CBS Radio on the day before Halloween. Sunday night.

Welles put forth the production perfectly, but failed to do two things that would have staved off the mass-hysteria that was to follow as a result of his drama. He didn’t wait until Charlie McCarthy was off the air to make his disclaimer that it was really a “play”, and he didn’t make another disclaimer until 40 minutes into the broadcast. Some, like me, have to wonder if that was intentional by him or by others. It seemed to make for an interesting sociological experiment if nothing else.

America was a mere 3 short years away from Pearl Harbor at this point. Even if we weren’t involved, we still had the war jitters. Hitler was storm-trooping all over Europe while simultaneously holding Neville Chamberlain’s head in a toilet. People were on edge, not asleep,…as America was on the morning of September 11th, 2001.

Nobody, however, expected to be invaded by Martians. But we have to give America some grace on that whole scenario. The first UFO sighting didn’t occur until,…when was it?….around 1942 or 43? Roswell happened in 1947 and that seemed to be the kick-off to the “en-vogue-1950’s-and-beyond-UFO-sighting-attention-getting-cottage-industry” that continues to this very day. So we weren’t even baptized into that culture yet. How was the idea (aside from H.G. Welles) even introduced into our psyche then?

Here’s a crazy idea….maybe it’s because it was on the radio.

You follow me here? Maybe most Americans were engaged in ignorant bliss about the possibility of actual Martians and spaceships but, all of a sudden, they became true believers within forty minutes of hearing this broadcast. Maybe the broadcast was so real that they were forced to acknowledge, instantly, as to what they were being fed at that particular moment in time…so as to take actual steps to assure their own preservation or, as some would have it, die on their own terms rather than face the prospect of an oblong-headed, black-eyed Martian* vaporizing them.

(* I capitalized Martian because that’s the proper use of capitalization. It denotes respect to individuals who actually exist. Person, place or thing, you might say…)

We can’t be too harsh on this mentality because we, the collective we, are now steeped in this mentality at every waking moment. We believe things because they are on TV. The boys at Langley must have felt like they struck pure gold that night in 1938,…if they weren’t actually behind it themselves.

Let’s face it. Every war in the 20th century that America was involved in was entered into by the careful display of a false pretext….like the Welles’ radio show. It spurred people to action,…no matter what they believed prior.

In 1941, the Japanese were indeed coming to get us. The false pretext is that Roosevelt knew it and sat on the information rather than muster arms and raise the alarm. That was the false pretext. Getting into that war, for good or for evil, was good for business and good for America. FDR knew this. Sure people would die for the common good of all Americans. They would die heroes.

(If being a hero, of course, constituted putting on your pants three floors below deck when a Japanese bomb came crashing through your ceiling while you were half awake and soon to be dead,…and probably hung-over to boot)

The sense of patriotism permeated every aspect of their lives,…like it did on 9/11. They re-elected FDR just like we re-elected GWB.

We had Eisenhower and Kennedy’s paranoia about back-water countries like Korea and Vietnam having the power to spread Communism as if it were the plague. Like these were actual countries that should be contended with…enter the Gulf of Tonkin incident,…or “non-incident” as that would be a more pat term for it. Johnson reports that Vietnamese boats fired upon our boats so we have to go to war. No act of congress for a police action. It was a done deal by LBJ. He made it a legit war in 1964….but the Gulf Of Tonkin never happened. No boats were fired upon by Vietnam’s non-existent Navy. Because they didn’t even have a Navy…..but we didn’t know that then,…because the TV told us otherwise, didn’t they?

Nixon then escalates the war through his own paranoia and trods into Cambodia,….against all logic. Killing scores more on both sides.

The Gulf was another false pretext. It is now known that the daughter of a Kuwaiti  Ambassador falsely testified before a Senate sub-committee about how she had seen babies being taken out of their incubators by Iraqi soldiers and left to die on the cold floors of a hospital. GB sr. repeated this rhetoric so as to tender the feelings of Americans and instill in them a righteous rage against the Iraqis.

This never happened. She was coached by the CIA and a public relations firm from New Jersey on what to say. They now had the American public on their side so as to go into Iraq,…the first time.

Grenada and Panama were both CIA ops. (“Sorry, boys,…no cameras this time.”) We don’t even know what happened there because the government deemed it prudent that we should not know, that we should simply turn our heads. It was one of those “trust us” situations. It’s my understanding that over a 1,000 people died in Panama so as to get one drug-dealing despot. A two day operation that killed 1,000 people. Christmas, 1989. Headed by George Bush Sr. Former head of the CIA.

In a bit of irony, Noriega and Hussein were both on the CIA payroll under George Sr. (Fickle friends, I guess)…..and I guess that would also include Daniel Noriega and Momar Ghadaffi.

Let’s face it. We ingest what we get fed. If we’re told there’s bad people afoot that are akin to Martians, then we better act before they act upon us. Just like they did in 1938.

….and on September 11th, 2001. You know,…the day those three buildings came down in free-fall mode. No resistance from the floors below….taken out by the Martians.

That dog don’t hunt.