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Nothing moor than,
Trying 2 4-get those,
Pheelings ov luuuuuvvvv…”

Moris Alburt

Made a few stupid mis-steps this past week.

I know it’s not a big deal to the average person,…but I actually spelled the word “equipped” with a “t”.

It was in an email written in a fit of fury.

(You know,…one of those emails that you write somewhat haphazardly and fire off without runnin’ a spell check,..or without thinkin’,…or without choosing your words carefully. One of those emails.)

I know this shouldn’t be a big deal,…but it is.

Why would I think there was a t in the word “equipped”? I never used a t in it before. Why would I, at this stage of the game, start writing the word equipped with a t?

I tried not to let it ruin my day. I tried to shrug it off but,…I dunno,..sometimes things like that can get the best of you. It can occupy your mind and then you begin to do stupid things as a result of it.

I did not send a follow-up email that said I knew that I spelled the word equipped wrong. I thought maybe I should,…but I also kidded myself into believing that my social faux-pas would go unnoticed.

I weighed the options about that. There might be a possibility that nobody would notice the word equipped spelled with a t. I thought that, maybe, in a worst case scenario, the recipients would think that this may be the new avant-garde way of spelling equipped,…like everyone would pick up the cudgel and start spelling the word equipped with a t.

Sometimes that happens, ya know.

The pop star formerly known as Prince used to spell words wrong on purpose. Instead of writing the words “are you”, he would actually write “r u”.

I don’t think anyone pointed out that he was spelling those words wrong,…I mean, not if they valued their job or anything.

If we, as a society, would all just get on board with me, then there would be no more problems as far as the “correctness” of the phonetic spelling of the word equipped.

If I was boss, we would all be spelling the word equipped with a t. There would be no more double p’s.

It’s only write,…write?

(I’m gonna run a spell check on this thing before I post it….)



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