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“It’s poetry in motion,
When she turned her eyes to me,
As deep as any ocean,
Sweet as any harmony,
She blinded me with science….”

Thomas Dolby
She Blinded Me With Science

Robert Blake.

Little Rascal.



So, I was toiling at work tonight with a hypodermic needle and a fiber optic camera (as sometimes my vocation calls for that,) and I had my ipod on with all these various TV (television) commercials from the past.

One of the commercials was for the old 70’s TV (television) shows in which they were expounding upon the suspense-fullness of an up-coming episode of the smash TV (television) show, Baretta!

Of course, it made me think of Robert Blake. How can you not think of Robert Blake when you hear the Baretta! theme song?

You knooow,…Robert Blake. That guy that was in the Little Rascals. He played Mickey. (see below)

(wait a minute. That’s not him. See below again)


Robert Blake played Mickey in the original Little Rascals. He was like a featured player with them. Kinda like Guido Sarducci or Al Franken was on Saturday Night Live. He wasn’t in every episode like Spanky or Alfalfa or Darla, but was seen enough to be recognizable.

Well, little Bobby grew up a few more years and ended up getting a gig with Humphrey Bogart in the movie, “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre”. He was only in the movie for a minute or two before Bogart chases the scamp out of the bodega.

(see below: Left to right, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Blake)


Now, this is where the six degrees comes in…

Robert Blake was in this movie for no more than 2 minutes tops, right? Now, here’s the dealio:

Robert Blake is in this movie. According to the book, “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote, this film was the main character’s favorite film of all time. Perry Edward Smith was the main character in Capote’s non-fiction novel and Tour-De-Force. He was an actual human being.

(see below: From left to right, Perry Smith, Truman Capote)


Perry Smith (along with Dick Hickok) were the down and out ex-cons who killed the Clutter family on November 15th, 1959 in Holcomb, Kansas.

In their effort to put justice and milage between the law and themselves, they went to Mexico to hunt for gold, patterned after the Bogart character in “Treasure Of The Sierra Madre”. That was their escape plan. To go mining for gold in Mexico.

Unfortunately, hookers and booze ended up robbing them of the opportunity to do so….so they came back to the States and were caught in Las Vegas…ironically, right after they picked up a box they mailed to themselves from Mexico. The box contained the boots that left the footprints at the Clutter house. The boots that ultimately put the noose around their necks.

In any event, after the executions, a movie was made of “In Cold Blood”. Robert Blake was chosen to play the character of Perry Edward Smith in the big screen dramatization.

(From left: Robert Blake, Scott Wilson and Truman Capote)

So, the guy who watched Robert Blake in his favorite movie was actually gonna be played by a guy in his favorite movie. How creepy and serendipitous is that?

In addition to all that,….the actual characters from Holcomb played themselves and the house that was in the movie was really the house. So that means that Robert Blake actually trodden the same steps that Perry Edward Smith did. One to do the actual killing, the other to act it out.

That’s like six degrees screwed up, man.

But it gets better.

Robert Blake goes onto bigger and better things on TV (television) and becomes Baretta! A total smash hit on TV (television) at the time. He had that cool theme song and that crazy bird with him all the time, as hell, man.


Then he gets cancelled. (Why? I don’t know. Stupid networks. Always lookin’ at ratings and crap. I still wear his type of hat from that show. I call it my Baretta Hat….or a newsboy hat. Either/or. What-ev)

So, like, then,…Blake disappears, right? Nothing is to be heard from him for years.

Then! All of a sudden! He’s arrested for the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley!…or should I say, Bonnie Lee Broke-me!

The deed goes down in front of an Italian restaurant in Studio City, man!

He says he took her to the car but realized he forgot his gun in the eatery,…then when he came back out, she was dead in his car and bleeding all over his nice Corinthian leather in his Cordoba.

So, now he goes on trial for murder,….just like Perry Edward Smith did!!!

That’s totally screwed up, man!

He even did the last mile,…even though he wasn’t found guilty. It was on Piers Morgan. Rough interview. I believe that was his public execution. (see below)



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