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“I was just 34 years old,
I was still wandering in a haze…”

Pete Townshend
Slit Skirts

Here are the top ten things I learned this week:

10. It dawned on me tonight that I had hid some cash into an album cover a few weeks ago. It hasn’t yet dawned on me as to which one it was.

9. The lady on Google Maps is just like a spouse sometimes. She knows everything, interrupts my music when she speaks, stops talking when I get a phone call and has the patience of Job when I take a wrong turn. If she would just laugh once in a while, I would just go ahead and marry my iphone.

8. I’ve recently overcome my abject avoidance of the “Canadian Tuxedo”. If it was good enough for Billy Jack and Beretta, then it’s good enough for me!


7. If you really have to go the can at my place of employment, begging doesn’t help should you find all the stalls occupied. The only thing you will hear in response to your cries for mercy is,…..the slow turning of a newspaper.

6.There are three Beatles albums that don’t have the Beatle’s name on the front cover. Can you guess which ones? *(Answers at bottom of the post)*

5. People say we have hit rock bottom in this country with the ridiculous sanctions that Obama has just imposed on the 7 personal advisors to Putin. I say, not even close. You hit rock bottom when you’re a half-drunk, hungover butt-hag sittin’ in front of a plate of stale eggs with a half-dozen “Pall-Malls” crushed out in the yolks in a corner booth of a “Shoney’s”,….just off the turnpike outside of Gary, Indiana at 4am on a Wed morning. That’s rock bottom.

4. Two “Marley’s Mellow Moods” really mellow and level me out. (It’s green tea, btw,….)

3. My piano has really been the catch-all for bills and stuff. I should remedy to change that.

2. Spraying yourself with “BOD Really Ripped Abs” doesn’t substitute for a much needed shower.

1. I, literally, can sleep 16 hours a day. The question is, “Can I get paid for it?”

*Abbey Road, Revolver and Let It Be*



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