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“…But our minds won’t really be blown,
Like the blow that’ll gitcha, when you get your picture,
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone…”

Dr Hook
The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

I began my day today in my usual fashion. I rolled over and started looking at the news on my ipad.(That was after waking up and dreading the day ahead, of course.)

I began to hit the various news apps to see if anything was happening. Like the sky falling or somethin’ like that. I tripped over to Drudge and something caught my eye.



Elaine Benes on the cover of the Rolling Stone,…with just a hint of butt crack showing. I knew there was a reason this was on Drudge other than the butt-crack that was displayed. I was betting it wasn’t an outrage piece of her butt. No. There was going to be a deeper story than that. It was on Drudge, after all.

And I was right,…I was right.

It did have something to do with the cover. The story was about the fact that the Constitution on her back was signed by John Hancock.

Yes….Yes, indeed.

They screamed, “Dolts!!, How stupid are they over there? What were they thinking? Are they that stupid?”

The rage, of course, was well deserved since John Hancock never signed the Constitution. He signed the Declaration Of Independence. That’s where John Hancock’s John Hancock is, not on the Constitution.

Me, being who I am, sat back and sagely thought about John Hancock’s signature emblazoned willy-nilly upon Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s supple left kidney.

I can’t help but think there is a bigger picture with this picture.

Let me explain.

At some point, someone put the facsimile of the Constitution on to her back, right? Then, probably the same somebody went to the Declaration of Independence and removed the image of Hancock’s Hancock and then placed THAT facsimile upon her kidney.

So, as Drudge, The Blaze and Breitbart all scream and ridicule about Rolling Stone’s daftness, the genius lay in the fact that Rolling Stone knew all along that it wasn’t a mistake because the action had to be taken to actually marry the two separate facsimiles. You just know some Iago/lackey whispered into Count Jann Wenner’s ear and said, “John Hancock’s John Hancock wasn’t on the Constitution. It was on the Declaration Of Independence, my leege.”

To which he was waved away with extreme prejudice.

It was a conspiracy in the truest sense of the word. They knew what they were doin’, but retreated into plausible deniability. This was their statement in regards to the faux pas that transpired in the high towers of Rolling Stone:

‘The Declaration of the Independence is on the other side but we couldn’t fit in all the signatures,’ said Wenner Media Publicity Director Melissa Bruno said, the Daily News reported.

This was Julia’s response to the mistake via Twitter:

She tweeted: ”In my defense, ‘I was in a drunken stupor,’ #crackexcuse.”

How endearing, huh? They can laugh at themselves about such a stupid mistake,…that they knew they were making when they made it.

I guess my question is, what does this mean? This smacks of NWO conspiracy. An innocuous Rolling Stone cover that merges the two defining documents of this country onto a hot (but irrelevant) actresses’s back and near butt-crack for the sake of a joke.

It just makes it all dashed uncomfortable to ingest considering where this country is right now. It’s un-nerving, to say the least. In addition, the Constitution itself has gone through the ringer in the past few years. We all know this. This isn’t something that I’m making up as I go along.



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